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Seed of Grace sees the need of people’s heart to be filled with God’s unconditional love and their mind with the saving knowledge of what has happened at the cross of Calvary and what this means to them.

A true understanding of the Gospel of Grace is the key which enables one to experience God’s salvation in a personal and intimate way. This will result in a complete life transformation into holiness and prospering in all aspects of life, emotionally, physically and financially. This is what God has intended for everyone to receive who has been saved through believing in Jesus Christ and His finished work at the cross.

We believe it is in God’s heart that every one of his children shall be blessed with the blessings of Abraham in order for them to become also a blessing in their environment sharing the Gospel of Grace further in a dark and desperate world. Bringing hope and true transformation to the nations.


Seed of Grace, which is inspired by the parable of the sower in the Gospel, focus itself on sowing both God’s Word into people’s life and supporting the needy.

With the preaching of the Word, we intend to educate people with a right understanding of Law and Grace, the Old and the New Covenant.

Moreover, we endeavor to train saints in all life circumstances to step into a truly abundant life which is hidden in Christ Jesus. To practically experience the prosperity which God has intended for them, namely blessed to be a blessing wherever they are in the world.