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Seed of Grace Nigeria

Brother Samson

Nigeria is home to more than 200,000,000 people. This country is the most densely populated black nation in Africa with slightly more than half of her population under 25 years of age.
There are two mainstream religions in Nigeria, vis-a-vis, Christianity and Islam. Christianity is a religion of southern Nigeria while Islam dominates the north. 
Most Nigerian older generation Christian people seems to drift to the miracle-healing-prosperity preaching. The younger generation tends to the line of the Grace Gospel, which is unpopular and often viewed as controversial. 

Although the Gospel of Grace is present in Nigeria, Seed of Grace aims to make a difference with its style of grace presentation cum hermeneutics for a proper understanding of the Gospel of Grace. It is Seed of Grace’s intention to bring this all important Gospel to the younger generation of this country via all available electronic and print media. 

At the moment, Seed of Grace airs in six independent electronic media houses (Radio and TV). Seed of Grace has undergone its official governmental registration in Nigeria by the name: Overcomers Believers Seed of Grace Ministry Inc. 

The future goals of Overcomers Believers Seed of Grace Ministry Inc. include but not limited to fundraising to establish schools, support orphanage and ministers in Nigeria and West Africa in general.  

Brother Samson, board member and representative Seed of Grace West Africa