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Grace Transforms



Seed of Grace is a foundation in the Netherlands with branches in Nigeria and Kenya. Our focus is to preach the Good News of Jesus Christ to this world. We believe that it is so important to hear the true Gospel. You have to hear it in orde for you to believe. 


We believe that that Word of Gods speaks to us powerfully and is releveant for every situation in life. Through the preachings that you can find on the site your will be encouraged and strengthened in your faith. and you will receive answers on questions you might have. You will get to know God in a new way and you will discover who Jesus really is and what He has done for your.


Seed of Grace Ministries

East Africa

West Africa



In the year 2012 I heard the Gospel of Grace for the first time in a different way. Instead of a demanding God I came to know a Saviour who has not come to condemn us but to set us free from condemnation. Since that moment this truth has never left me and has changed me from the inside out. I came to understand and I have seen the change in my own life that under the law you remain in sin but under grace you are breaking free from sin and bondage.


Through the Gospel of Grace I have discovered that I am righteous before God, all because of what Jesus has done for me. In Christ I am perfect! The Gospel of Grace has helped me to realize that God has already provided for all my needs because of what Jesus has done for me at the cross, it is just a matter of reaching out to receive it.


Elemi is a conservative Christian raised in a Protestant church in Nigeria. I grew up to denounce the Presbyterian church dogma at a latter age, and joined the Pentecostal community where I served as a minister in the Church of God World Mission in Nigeria. I rose through the rank and file of ministry where I was ultimately ordained as Bishop. With a simple belief that we learn every day, I learnt a lot from the Burens, and as such, decided to join faith with Seed of Grace to propagate the gospel of Grace to African nations, Nigeria in particular. It has never been easy in ministry, but the grace of God had been sufficient for me and my family through Seed of Grace ministry. My goal is to affect the youths in Nigeria with the gospel of Grace, and God helping, it is on course.